Stylish Boutique Dresses For Women

Shopaholic Boutique For Lesscarries a variety of distinctive styles of skirts and dresses for women.  You will find, that even with our low prices, you will get quality boutique clothing that is comfortable and fashionable.

“This is a wonderful shop! I’ve bought a few dresses and tops for work and everyday use that I love! Can’t beat the prices either!”

-Emily Studer

 “Love love love this place. Super cute stuff. Washes and wears well. Owner is awesome. I never leave without at least four pieces.”

-Stacey Warshowsky

Shh – It’s Our Secret…

This Is How We Get Such Great Bargains

  1. We hunt down the best wholesale retailers
  2. We order high-quality clothing, the same high-quality items that big-box chain department stores mark up and high-scale boutiques sell for outrageous prices.
  3. We mark our prices fairly – making every single piece of merchandise that we carry affordable – even dresses for women!


Our clothes are always in style because our prices our fair and styles are limited so we are always rotating our stock with seasonal specials and the trendiest and newest fashion.

Now Everyone Can Afford A Large Wardrobe

Outside of our Shopaholic Boutique it is nearly impossible to find dresses for women that are stylish for less, but we are dedicated to bringing you the lowest prices possible on:

  • Stylish dresses for womenFloral prints, bold color, and distinctive styles
  • Pants and leggings – We find it shameful that some places charge more than $35 for a pair of leggings. Our leggings are priced reasonably.  Buy a couple pairs and you will see that there is no need to pay top dollar for the best prints on your leggings
  • Tops & blouses – We have a lot to choose from. Check out our selection of all the tops you can get for less.
  • Accessories – Earring, beanies, bags, and more. High quality merchandise that you’ll find nowhere else for such low prices.